Special Events

The following information will help you through the permitting process for your special event in the City of Long Beach.
To start the permit process, please complete and submit the Special Event Application. If you have any questions, please contact a Special Event Coordinator at (562) 570-5333.

alt What is a Special Event?

A Special Event is any organized event including, but not limited to, large scale events such as races, parades, marathons and sporting events, concerts, fairs, community events, and any organized assembly of seventy-five (75) or more people on any public space, waterway, property, structure, or public right of way, owned or controlled by the City of Long Beach.

A Special Event can be private or open to the public and is held on public property. Planning an event typically requires a significant amount of lead-time. Due to the amount of preparation required for a Special Event Permit, all applications must be received sixty (60) days prior to the scheduled event.

Special Event Planning Guide Terms and Conditions - Coming Soon...

Special Event Online Application

Other Applications & Forms


What is a Block Party?

A Block Party is a residential street closure permit issued with the intent to allow neighbors from the community to meet and come together. Jumpers, slides, and moon bounces are not allowed on the street or sidewalk. The Block Party application must be submitted ten (10) days in advance of your scheduled event and is for public right of way only and does not allow for activities on private property.

Please refer to the Block Party Application for additional information.


What is an Occasional Event?

An OEP is required to ensure the public safety and welfare, and to provide adequate control of the occasional events on private property. OEP's minimize the impact of the occasional event to the surrounding neighborhood. The Occasional Event Permit may only be issued for a premises, location, or physical address with an existing and current Business License with the City. Permits can only be issued a maximum of twenty-four (24) times in a twelve (12) month period and must be spaced at least ten (10) days apart per location.

In no event shall the issuance of an Occasional Event Permit be construed as permission to disturb the peace.

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