The City of Long Beach Film Office issues an average of 500 permits a year with an average of 700 production days. We are a full-service operation dedicated to promoting Long Beach as a film-friendly region, coordinating and facilitating the permission process and serving as a liaison with local government, the community and the production industry. The role of the film staff is to provide service and assistance to film, television, music, commercial production and still photography businesses to promote economic prosperity. One example of our commitment to you and the success of your production is our one-stop permitting process and your ability to access the permitting office via the Internet. This will give you the ability to access permit applications, insurance requirements and other pertinent information regarding filming within the City of Long Beach.  

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City Furlough Days

To help balance the City’s budget during this economic downturn, some services are closed on alternating Fridays for staff furloughs (unpaid time off). These furloughs affect many operations in all City Departments and help prevent significant service reductions to the community. To see a schedule of impacted service days, visit We appreciate your patience and understanding.